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Do you like to read? I enjoy reading. In fact, I'm writing this as I was taking a break from the book I'm currently reading; American Gods by Neil Gaiman. I only started to read an actual book with no pictures in it (an actual book *pfft*) when I was in college. I read some […]
Do you like to read? I enjoy reading. In fact, I'm writing this as I was taking a break from the book I'm currently reading; American Gods by Neil Gaiman. I only started to read an actual book with no pictures in it (an actual book *pfft*) when I was in college. I read some books when I was still in school but probably only 1-2 books a year. I actually prepared Reading Challenge for 2015 that resulted ... not so well. Hey I'm a busy lady. No actually I read comics nowadays. So, here's my progress; FINISHED. YAY! ✓ A book that become a movie; World War Z by. Both the book and the movie are brilliant. They do not have the same story though. They miss a bunch of great stuff in the movie adaptation. But it's different media. Whatever. MAN. THIS BOOK. DOPE.
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✓ A trilogy; The Maze Runner series by James Dashner. It's such a fun book I've finished the 3 sequels plus 1 prequel in 3 weeks. Is it still a trilogy? Oooh I'm shucking sorry LOTR fans. I gotta say I love the casts for the movie adaptation. My love for Dylan O'Brien is endless. For the second movie, they cast Los Pollos jefe for Jorge. OMG was invented for that.  8b88c328abc04a36cde4fca238280fd5 ✓ A book by female author + A book set in high school + A book that make you cry; Eleanor & Park by Rainbow Rowell. Solid smitten moments. I meaaaannnnn, teenage love involving The Smiths and comic books and sets in the 90s? Cried. Oh I also read Fangirl by the same author. I'm a solid fangirl, it's a must read. Finished each in a week. ep1 ✓ A graphic novel; All You Need is Kill by ... too many people involved. The movie adaptation is one of my favorite movie of all time. I was never a fan of Tom Cruise until the Edge of Tomorrow. I'm still struggling on how to mention this badass woman to my daughter someday without saying the title she earned. My love for Emily Blunt will never die.
✓ A funny book; Crazy Rich Asian by Kevin Kwan. DUDE. CRAZY. Most relatable book of all time. Not. My favorite book person after Atticus Finch; Astrid Leong. I guess. I don't know, the lights blind me help. 'Fresh of The Boat' mama is confirmed to be playing Rachel Chu for the movie adaptation. crazy_rich_asian_split ✓ A book that scares you + (I made this one up) A book you re-read; The Catcher in The Rye by J.D Salinger. Take back what I said earlier. Holden is my favorite. I once came across this hashtag game where you tell a book in one line with a bad plot and found one for this book; 'A book about white, rich kid problems.' Lol.
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DIDN'T FINISH. IS IT TOO LATE TO SAY SORRY? ✗ A book published this year + A book written by someone under 30; I really really want to read The Ghost Network by Catie Disabato. Too bad, you can only preorder it in most of the bookstores here. I mean, I could. I just didn't. Hey but I haven't bought this book. Soooo maybe Seveneves by Neal Stephenson. I actually bought it for my 2016's challenge. Am I cheating? Also, I think Mr. Stephenson is above 30. What am I doing? ✗ A book you started but never finished; Lord of The Flies by William Golding. I am so sorry that I kept re-reading it and then just gave up. It is so ... posh. ✗ A banned book + A book you own but never read; Lolita by Vladimir Nabokov. Well I've heard it was banned for some times when it was first published, for reason I won't mention here. Fun fact: I read somewhere that this book has a bit of influence to the movie Taxi Driver. You're not sure it's a fact now when you see 'read somewhere', aren't you? ✗ A book by author you've never read before + A book set somewhere you've always wanted to visit; The Lowland by Jhumpa Lahari. This is such a good book but I only read halfway through. I started reading Crazy Rich Asian! Come on. Private jets and flying to Australia only for a coffee? Irresistible. I am weak. ✗ A classic romance + A book with one word title; Emma by Jane Austen. Actually my first Austen's piece. Didn't finish. Not even halfway through. ✗ A book of short stories + A book your friend recommended; Nonfiction by Chuck Palahniuk. Soooooo random.
NEW HABIT When I buy a book, I write the month and year of purchase along with my signature. My good friend has this habit that whenever he buys a new book, he writes something he is thinking about when he buys it. I think it is a good idea so I started to pick up the habit. Initially, I want to do the same but I think it'll be more interesting if I write bits and pieces about me, about my story. In the hope that one day when I give them all to my kids, they will not only read stories the authors offer but also stories about me. Hopefully they would jog my memory and I could look back the past and maybe give some lesson learned to my kids. I'm pretty sure they would think I'm a joke. But wiser. What? FullSizeRender OLD ROUTINE THAT NEEDS TO BE A HABIT BEFORE STARTING A NEW HABIT Finish a book before buying a new one. I really want to write a review for each book but you know, I'm busy HahahHaAahAhaAhaA. Ok have a nice daaaayyyyy. If you make it to the end of this post, please tell me books you've read this year on the comment section.

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