We’re All Just Want to Livin’ The Dream
  Have you ever had a dream that blows your mind off? Not that kind dream of having a good job, good spouse, good house, etc. I’m talking about the dreams you had in your sleep that made you think and want to retell it later when you awoke from your deep slumber. Before I […]
  Have you ever had a dream that blows your mind off? Not that kind dream of having a good job, good spouse, good house, etc. I’m talking about the dreams you had in your sleep that made you think and want to retell it later when you awoke from your deep slumber. Before I go on about this kind of dream, just prepare to be disappointed by the story. It will be incoherent, inconsistent, and weird at some point (duh doy, it’s a dream). Because if I think it again, this kind of story won’t be very meaningful to you at all, but I can guarantee it will be cool, for some people maybe. Yeah so that’s that, let’s dig deeper into this dream of mine. From what I remember recently, there are two occasions I had a dream like this. For the first occasion, the dream seemed to be more mind fuck rather than mind blown, I’ll write about it next time when I had the chance. I will tell you the latest one, since I might still remember it with clarity. Not all of them, but at least I can tell the story from the beginning to the end. I’ll write it scene by scene.
Scene 1: driving around town in a car So the here’s the first thing that I could remember. I was driving or being driven around town in an old school convertible sedan, American built I guess, the color is either red or black or brown, I forgot. Now, in that car, there are another people beside me. One is my friend, and the other two are none other than the late Dono and Kasino (whaaattt??). I know it made no sense, but at that time, it just felt right. We’re just like the coolest mofos in town, driving from block to block. Then, I also saw a huge sign of “BLOK M” as we passed it. I don’t know when Blok M was built, but judging from the type of the car we’re driving in, the traffic around us, the buildings, and the physique of Dono and Kasino, I’d assume we’re in Jakarta, the year is some time around late eighties or early nineties. If you read it all until this point, it’s really important that I mentioned the year we’re in while I was dreaming. Want to know why? Read the next scene Scene 2: a really weird group blind date So after we satisfied with going around the town, we stopped at a restaurant or a coffee shop, I don’t remember, and went in together. There’s a table filled with people and we went there. On that table I saw several girls, and two man, Robert Downey Jr in a Sherlock Holmes outfit (say what?), and a guy that I would label “Mr. Charming”,  you know, striking blonde hair, devilishly handsome, and a sweater, a fucking hand-knit sweater with lovely patterns all over it that would say “look at me, I’m handsome and I know it”. I know he’s an actor too, but I forgot who he is. Sure thing the ladies are all over him, trying to get his attention. Then it struck me, this situation, I know what it is. I’ve read it hundred times from a hundred of Japanese comic books. It’s a group blind date, or as the Japanese called it: “gōkon”. So a blind date with Dono, Kasino, Robert Downey Jr. and Mr. Charming, weeiiiird right? It will get weirder, so sit back and relax. Scene 3: Something’s wrong with the time So I sit at the designated chair facing me is a designated partner they intended I get to know with. She’s pretty, but not too pretty, Indonesian, one or two year younger than me, slim body with a wavy medium hair, wearing a nice long sleeve striped T-shirt and black trouser, and there’s a nice smile that painted her face. So we start introduce each other, and started some small talks. Then, she told me about having a blast on New Years’ Eve. I said “Oh, that’s great! Where did you go for the NYE?” She said “Vietnam”. Then I said “wow, so yesterday was good for you huh? Did you arrive in Jakarta today?” (in my mind NYE has just passed yesterday, not technically wrong) to which she replied “You silly, NYE is almost a year ago, we’re going to have one soon tomorrow, what’s your plan by the way?”. After that I went silent for a bit. Something’s seems wrong, but I still can’t get what it is. As I started to speak, then bam! There’s someone sitting beside me, my friend, not the friend that I’m with before, my other friend. He started teasing me about this blind date, I just laugh it off and out of nowhere, I just ask for his cell to look at the phone, bam! It’s 2010. Still confused, but not convinced enough, I excuse myself to the restroom. Then as I passed another table near the restroom. I saw a calendar, the date is 31 December 2015. BAM! I know something’s wrong. From all of the other weirdness I’ve experienced in my dream, none bugs me off the most than the inconsistencies of time. Scene 4: Sherlock knows As I went back to the table, I saw Sherlock Holmes on his table. Our eyes met. At that moment I knew that he knew about the fallacy of time here in this dream world of mine. Like a mad dog he stand up from the table and scrambled for the exit door. I ran after him, he’s fast, lost him already. But after I open the exit door, there he is holding the door from the other side, panting. Then I said to him, word by word “You got to fucking solve this” to which he replied “I know”. So we went back to our table. Everything seems to be normal, there’s no sign that they realize I just chase the man beside me. I don’t know why. Mr. Charming is still charming, with ladies around him, laughing silly whenever he talks. Something’s also wrong with this guy. I don’t know why, too. I went to sit in front of my date, thank god she’s still there. Not long after that, Sherlock pulled a chair beside me I know he wanted to talk to me. So I said, “Mr. Sherlock, At this point I know we’re in a story that created by some sort of god, but the thing is, he or she or it put things from different time into this world. My advice to you, in every story, there’s the protagonist, and the antagonist. In the end, the good will prevail, that’s why usually the protagonist has a ‘plot armor’ that will make him safe until the end of the story. Now we don’t know who the protagonist is, it could be me, or you, or Mr. Charming over there. The thing is, I want to know why we were put in this situation, that only you and I realized the fallacy in this world”. Then he replied “I know, something’s wrong in this world. I will find it, the truth”. After he said that, he wear his top hat, bowed politely to me, and went out through the exit door. That’s the last time I saw him in my dream. Scene 5: The rain, the shoes, the socks, and the money I could not remember why, but after that scene with Sherlock, I found myself just outside the building. Is that the restaurant I’ve just been before? Or another building? Hell if I know. One thing I remember clearly that it’s not in Indonesia, the streets and the buildings got a NYC vibes on it. It rained, pretty mild shower, but I feel wet, my feet especially. I looked down and I realized I’m shoeless. People around me looking busy and sheltering themselves from the rain. I took one step forward, now the rain pour over my whole body. It felt kind of great really. Then three men approached me. Maybe out of pity, one by one, they handed thee things to me: a pair of shoes, a pair of socks, and some money, respectively. I said, with cry “Thank you”. I just felt moved by their kindness. As I tried to put on the socks and the shoes, it became wet. I thought what’s the point of it, it rained anyway, so I just took the money with me. Then I saw a beggar, I told him to go shoeless in the rain, people will give you something. He did the exact same things and got nothing, then he complained to me, to which I replied “Well maybe it’s not your day, pal” Scene 6: end of the road The rain has stopped, there’s sun coming out. Not far from me I saw something strange. I saw a man entering the building through a door. Not strange enough? How about the door camouflaged itself with the wall, some kind of secret door. I shout “Hey! Wait! Keep that door open!” He looked back to me, expressionless, then started to go inside, ignoring me. I ran to that said door, now closed, just a wall in a building. I put my hand to the wall and it opened. Inside, I saw the scene that I usually saw about four years ago in real life: boring cubicles, with bored employees inside those cubicles, desks, computers, bunch of paper works on the desks. Yeah it’s an office, but what office? On the other end of what I see, there’s a sleek meeting room covered with glass. I know he or she or it is there. I know I’m close. Then I started moving towards that end. Those employees saw me, interested, one by one they stand from their cubicle to get a clear look on me. Some said “You can’t be in here!” and “Someone call the security!” I ignored them and keep moving forward. Then suddenly, there’s a guy trying to lock my hand from behind. I’m helpless and he’s way stronger and bigger than me. So I said “I want to meet your boss”. To which he replied “You will, soon”. Then he escorted me through the emergency stair. I said “why won’t we go to the meeting room?” then he said “My boss won’t be disturbed by the likes of you, I’ll handle you myself” I know he want to kill me, and at that moment, I gained a full control of my dream. By some kind of moves, the situation has turned into my advantage. I pinned down his hands, until I snapped his bone. Then I woke up.
Daaamnn what a cliffhanger right! I know, I’m pissed at it too, why must I woke up seconds before I know the truth? What’s the point I did all of that? That’s why I told you all firsthand you will be disappointed by this story, but hey, at least it’s a cool story right? Worth to be retold and write, at least for me. So in the end, here’s a few closing remarks about dream. It’s a wonderful thing, dream is. Even from scientific, philosophical, and religious point of view, they all can’t explain what is the purpose and the meaning of dream. What they all agree though, that dream could brought creative thoughts to a person, and could become a source of inspiration. That’s what I agree too. After all, it’s this particular dream of mine that made me feel have to write almost a whopping 2000 words, and on top of that, writing this seems not to be a burden for me, just like the first verse of Across the Universe: “Words are flowing out like endless rain into a paper cup”. It’s effortless, that’s why I decided to write it. I liked it, that’s all. Good Night, Sweet Dreams.  

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